College policy defines overtime as any hours worked over the normal College workweek of 35 hours for non-exempt office staff and over 40 hours for Facilities and Public Safety staff. Employees may work overtime only at the request of the Department Head. Members of the administration (exempt employees) are not eligible for overtime compensation.

College Workweek

For purposes of calculating overtime, the College workweek for all non-exempt employees is Monday through Sunday. This means that all hours worked from Monday through Sunday are counted as hours worked in that week. A new workweek then begins on Monday and each week stands alone for purposes of overtime.

Straight Overtime

Any hours worked over 35 and up through 40 hours in a given week are described as straight overtime. Any hours worked in excess of the regular 35 in a work week, but less than 40 in a work week, will be paid at the non-exempt employee’s regular hourly rate.

Premium Overtime

Hours worked above 40 hours in a given work week are described as premium overtime. Premium overtime is regulated by Federal law and for all non-exempt employees is paid at one and one-half times the normal hourly wage.

Hours Worked

College policy considers the 35-hour work week for office staff to include both hours worked and hours for which an employee is paid but does not work (e.g., vacation, holiday, and sick leave). Thus, an office staff member whose work week consists of one paid vacation day (Monday) and four workdays (Tuesday through Friday) has completed a 35-hour workweek as far as the College is concerned. Hours for which this employee is paid but does not work are not considered hours worked under Federal law for purposes of premium overtime. In the case above, the seven hours of vacation pay are not counted toward premium overtime because the employee actually worked only 28 hours. If this employee then works seven hours on the Saturday of the week in question, employee will receive straight pay for the Saturday hours because the actual hours worked did not exceed 40 (28 hours actually worked Tuesday through Friday + 7 hours worked on Saturday = 35 hours actually worked.)

In the case of a Facilities or Public Safety staff member who takes an 8 hour vacation day on Monday and works Tuesday through Saturday, the employee will receive straight pay for the Saturday hours because the actual hours worked did not exceed 40 (32 hours actually worked Tuesday through Friday + 8 hours worked on Saturday = 40 hours.)

Facilities staff pay rules are further governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, between the College and IUOE Local 30. Please contact Human Resources if you have questions concerning the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s pay rules for Facilities staff.

Regular Part-Time Employees

Regular part-time employees are paid at their normal hourly wage for any hours worked above their normal work week schedule, up through 35 hours. Should their work in a given week exceed 35 hours, the above overtime policies would apply. Hours worked on a College-designated holiday are paid at the normal hourly wage unless the hours worked that week exceed 40. Compensatory time off for holiday work, in addition to the normal hourly pay, is given only if the holiday falls on an employee's regularly scheduled work day, nd if the employee is normally eligible for paid time off..

Casual/Temporary Employees

Casual and temporary employees (including student employees) are paid at their normal hourly wage for all hours worked through 40 hours. Hours worked in excess of 40 hours in any week will be reimbursed by time and one-half pay. Department Heads should be aware of the budget impact of any overtime work performed by these employees.


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