Certain standards of performance and conduct must be maintained in any work group. These standards include the ability to adequately perform the duties of the job, appropriate attitude and professional behavior. Generally, these standards are recognized and observed by our employees without any need for action by the supervisor or Department Head. When an employee does not observe these standards, counseling or an informal reminder by a supervisor normally results in improvement.

When an employee does not respond, more formal action may be necessary as follows: Ordinarily, employees receive a letter of warning before they are disciplined or discharged for cause. This letter shall outline how the employee has failed to meet required standards. The letter shall advise the employee of the possible consequences of continued substandard performance or conduct. A copy of this letter will be filed with the Human Resources Office. Disciplinary action may be taken without prior warning if immediate action is warranted.

Included in any letter of warning will be a specific period of time that the employee will be given to improve his or her performance and conform to the required standards. At the conclusion of this period, there will be a review of the employee's performance with the Department Head. If performance is still unsatisfactory, the employee may be disciplined or dismissed.

If termination for cause is required, two weeks notice of dismissal normally will be given, but this period may be reduced or waived in extreme cases. Discharge without prior warning may be justified for very serious offenses. These include but are not limited to theft, dishonesty, conviction of a felony, willful damage of College property, willful harm to an employee or student.

Nothing in this section should be construed to alter the College's right to terminate an employee at will at any time.