To ensure the safety and care of all college community members and college buildings the following policy has been established. The right for a student, faculty or staff member to study or work in a place free of animal threat, hair and dander is the governing principle.

  • Pets are only allowed in faculty and staff offices where there is just one person assigned to the office.
  • Pet must be registered in accordance with the owner's local regulations. Pet owner must have current shot/vaccination documentation before pet is allowed on campus.
  • Staff and administration must have department head approval to have a pet in his/her office.
  • Pets are not allowed in any other part of college buildings; this includes but is not limited to: shared offices, classrooms, student rooms, food service, and dining areas.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times except when they are in the owner's office. When there is a pet in an office, there must be a note on the door indicating that there is a pet within. In the event that there is a student, faculty, or staff member who is uncomfortable or allergic to animals, it is expected the employee will make appropriate arrangements to meet the individual in an alternative, animal free area.
  • Pet owners are personally responsible for any injuries caused to individuals or any damage caused to buildings. The pet owner is financially responsible for any damage to the College or individuals caused by the pet.
  • Pet owners are expected to clean up after their pets and not cause any additional work for custodial or maintenance personnel. Maintenance, security and custodial services will not enter any office where there is a pet present.
  • Pet owner is responsible for cleaning up any waste left by his/her pet, both inside and outside buildings.
  • A pet owner bringing his/her pet to campus should always consider safety, health and the possible fear others may have in the presence of animals. The College reserves to right to ban any pet(s) from campus.