The College encourages an atmosphere of support for breastfeeding employees. To that end the College abides by applicable state and federal laws in providing reasonable time and space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their nursing children. The following guidelines set forth the basic parameters under this policy:

Reasonable Unpaid Break Time

Nursing mothers are to be provided a reasonable amount of unpaid break time, or they may use paid break time, to express milk as frequently as needed. The break time shall, if possible, run concurrently with any break time already provided to the employee and should not exceed normal time allowed for breaks and meals, unless an alternate arrangement is made with the supervisor. Supervisors should attempt to provide as much flexibility as reasonably possible to accommodate the nursing mother’s need.

Privacy and Proximity to the Workplace

Supervisors must make reasonable efforts to provide a private area or room, other than a restroom, for breastfeeding employees to express milk—unless it is significantly impracticable, inconvenient or unreasonably expensive to do so. Employees may use private offices, conference rooms, unused classrooms, or other appropriate spaces. If an employee works in an area without such facilities, she may consult her immediate supervisor and/or Human Resources for help in identifying an appropriate place to pump or breastfeed. To ensure privacy, the space can be utilized only by those with access authorization to the room. Please respect the privacy of other users by knocking before gaining access to the room.

Nursing mothers will need to provide their own breast pumps and plan for storage and cooling.

Additional information for a breastfeeding employee is available via our medical insurance providers.