Email is considered an official method for communication at Sarah Lawrence College because it delivers information in a convenient, timely, cost effective, and environmentally aware manner. Our policy ensures that all faculty, staff and students have access to this important form of communication, and ensures that students can be accessed through a standardized channel by faculty and staff of the College as needed.

College Use of email:

The College may send communications to staff and faculty via email. Staff and faculty are responsible for the consequences of not reading, in a timely fashion, College-related communications sent to their official Sarah Lawrence College email accounts.

Faculty, Staff and Student Email Accounts: All faculty, staff and students are granted an official Sarah Lawrence College email account when they enroll or first become employed. The email account that is created by the College is the official email address to which the College will send email communications. This official address will be recorded in the College’s electronic directories and records.

Appropriate Use: All use of SLC email accounts must be consistent with other College policies, including the Sarah Lawrence College Acceptable Use Policy. All use of SLC email must be consistent with local, state, and federal laws. In general, email is not appropriate for transmitting sensitive or confidential information to students, parents or other third-parties.

Redirecting Email: The College does not support redirecting (auto-forwarding) of email from official College accounts to accounts maintained by external service providers (Microsoft Live, Yahoo, Gmail, Verizon, etc.). Faculty and staff who elect to redirect email do so at their own risk. Serious federal and state penalties may result from the inadvertent breach of student information protected by privacy laws, up to restrictions on the availability of federal financial aid for SLC students. Information Technology and Help Desk staff are not permitted to participate in setting up end-user redirecting of email, and the College will not assist in troubleshooting such arrangements.