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Hours of Operation

Campus Operations is open 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday


For minor work orders please select the Work Orders link below:

For emergency work orders or additional inquiries call 914-395-2385



The Department of Campus Operations is responsible for delivering many of the day-to-day services that students, faculty, staff and visitors enjoy on the Sarah Lawrence College campus. The Department of Campus Operations provides the critical and essential services needed to make the campus operate and feel more like a community. Through a variety of partnerships and initiatives, Campus Operations also works to optimize and grow resources for strategic reinvestment in institutional assets.

Mo Gallagher, Assistant Vice President of Facilities, Operations, (914) 395-2385

Jennifer Melendez, Director of Campus Operations & Auxiliary Services, Operations, 914-395-2689

Paula Brunson, Sr. Coordinator, Operations, (914) 395-2385

Nyasha Henry, Campus Operations Coordinator, Operations, 914-395-2385