The College maintains a limited number of passenger vans and vehicles for College-sponsored activities, class trips, community partnership programs, and athletic events. Vans must be scheduled in advance through the Office of Campus Operations. To ensure that each trip is valid, a faculty/staff member must submit a van request online via the Events Management System (EMS).  Faculty and staff members can log onto EMS at with their MySLC credentials. New users will be prompted to complete a short form in order to gain access.

For faculty/staff members only

To reserve vans through EMS:

  1. Locate the “Reservations” tab.
  2. Select the date, time and number of people in attendance for your reservation. You will then be shown vehicle availability. Please note each vehicle’s occupancy capacity is indicated by the van number.
  3. Select any available vehicle by clicking the green “+” icon to add the vehicle to your reservation. You may select up to three vehicles for your reservation. (Trips that require more than three vehicles must receive approval by Campus Operations.)
  4. After selecting your vehicle(s) click “Continue” to provide additional information about your trip and finalize your request.
After submitting your request, you will receive an email from Campus Operations indicating that your reservation has been confirmed.


It is strongly recommended that vans be reserved at least a week in advance. The 15-passenger vans accommodate 14 passengers and a driver, while a minivan accommodates six passengers and a driver. Vans traveling more than an hour’s distance or overnight from the Bronxville campus must have a faculty or staff member in the van as either a passenger or registered driver. Vans may only travel a maximum of 500 miles from campus. No driver may drive more than five consecutive hours. On trips where the driving time exceeds five hours, there must be two registered drivers. Due to the high demand for vehicles during our academic year, vans may be reserved for a maximum duration of three consecutive days. Scheduled van trips may be canceled by the College due to weather conditions or public safety emergencies. The Director of Campus Safety or Assistant Vice President of Campus Operations will hear requests for exceptions to this policy.

Van Drivers

The group requesting the van is responsible for driving the van or for finding an authorized student driver. Start with the class or organization; check to see if there is an authorized driver among the students intending to go on the trip. If not, e-mail the Van Coordinator at at least one week prior to the scheduled trip. The coordinator will make every effort to help locate a driver, and is generally successful, but no guarantees can be made. Van reservations are unconfirmed until an authorized driver has been found. Student van drivers will be paid for their work, with the exception of student volunteers or members of an athletic team who donate their services. The cost will be charged to the sponsoring program, department, or organization. Participants in the trip will be paid for their time driving; other drivers, if they remain on site will be paid for that time as well. All van drivers that remain on site must stay within ten minutes of the trip’s location.

Tolls, Directions, and Parking

If the trip involves parking fees and tolls, the sponsor of the trip is responsible for obtaining money from the Controller’s Office and giving it to the van driver. The driver must remember to obtain receipts and submit them, along with any remaining cash. The sponsor must also ensure that the driver has directions both to and from the event/site. The driver should have the phone number to Westlands Desk [(914) 395-2209] should they need any assistance or to report that they are delayed in returning to campus. If the trip is to New York City, the driver must either stay with the van at all times or park in a parking lot; a van may not be parked on the street unless the driver stays with the van.

Upon return to campus, drivers must “back” vans into the designated van spaces in Kober Parking Lot. Van keys must be returned to Campus Operations or Westlands Desk immediately upon return to campus. Van drivers must honor the time frame for which the van was reserved. Late key return may result in the suspension of driving privileges. The earliest van keys can be picked up is 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.


Campus Operations is not responsible for cleaning vans. It is the responsibility of the van driver to remind passengers to place garbage in the trash bags that are supplied to each driver and can be found in the key pouch. Please show respect to others in the SLC community by leaving the van in a clean condition. Van drivers must report any damage to vans immediately to Campus Operations or to Westlands Desk. Failure to immediately report damage may result in loss of driving privileges. Unauthorized van trips for personal use are prohibited and will result in immediate suspension of driving privileges. A complete list of rules and regulations is issued to every van driver and is available at Campus Operations. Van drivers are held responsible for all van regulations.

Accident Report

All approved van drivers must review the Accident Information document.

In the event of an accident please follow the steps indicated in attachment.   

Accident Information.docx