Paid sick/family leave is granted to full-time and regular part-time employees, who work at least 21 hours regularly, but will not be granted during the first three months of service, although accrual is retroactive to the date of employment. Sick/family leave is granted only when an employee is on the College payroll and is unable to work because of illness or injury or must miss work to attend to the illness or injury of a family member. Nine- or ten-month employees who become injured or ill over the summer months should consult with the Human Resources Office concerning any sick leave benefits that may be available if the injury or illness extends beyond the scheduled date of return to work.

Full-time exempt and non-exempt employees earn sick/family leave for each pay period worked up to a maximum of ten working days in any fiscal year. Sick/family leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of twenty days. Sick/family leave for regular part-time exempt and non-exempt employees is pro-rated according to the employee's regular workweek schedule. 

Sick/family leave may not be used as additional vacation or personal time and an employee will not be paid for unused sick/family leave upon termination, resignation or retirement.  The College maintains the right to request a doctor's note in cases of suspected misuse of sick leave.

In the event of an employee's serious illness or disability, the College may require a statement from the employee's health care provider certifying that the employee is unable to work. Prior to the employee's return, a healthcare provider's statement may also be required certifying that the employee is able to return and outlining any restrictions on the employee's normal activities as they pertain to his or her work schedule.

Sick/family time may only be taken by the individual who earns the time, it may not be assigned to another employee except in accordance with the Emergency Sick Time Bank.

For information about the Westchester Earned Sick Leave Policy for all guest faculty, part-time staff who work less than 21 hours per week, and student workers, please click here.