This benefit is available to all full-time administrative and staff members and all regular part-time administrative and staff membersĀ who work on a 12-month basis. The vacation year runs from July 1 through June 30 (the fiscal year).

No regular vacation time is given during the first three months of employment, but earned vacation time is retroactive to the date of employment.

Full-time administrators (exempt employees) who work a 12-month schedule receive four weeks of vacation (20 days) after completion of one year of service.

Vacation time within the first year of service is prorated according to the number of months worked. This vacation schedule is prorated for regular part-time administrators according to the employee's regular workweek schedule.

Full-time staff members (non-exempt employees) who work a 12-month schedule shall earn vacation each pay period of service, up to a maximum of two weeks (ten days) in the first year. Staff members will also earn two weeks (ten days) during the second year of service. The following schedule determines the amount of vacation to which full-time staff members are entitled after the first two years of employment:

  • 3 years: 3 weeks (15 days)
  • 4 years and after: 4 weeks (20 days)

This vacation formula is also prorated for regular part-time employees who work a 12-month schedule and at least 21 hours per week, according to the employee's regular workweek schedule.

All vacation schedules must be approved in advance by Department Heads to ensure that all functions of the College will be properly covered.

Vacations are normally scheduled during the summer months (depending on the needs of the department) following the fiscal year in which the vacation is earned.

Unused vacation time may not be carried beyond the end of the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which it was earned. Therefore, no more than two years' worth of unused vacation can be available to an employee at any given time. Cash payments may not be substituted for a vacation except upon termination of employment.

Vacation time may only be taken by the individual who earns the time; it may not be assigned to another employee.