The wireless request form is no longer required to utilize the Wi-Fi service



No longer supported in student dorm rooms. Be sure to purchase a computer with a Wi-Fi card.


All positions available in the Help Desk are posted here.


Student email, Gryphon Mail, has over 25GB of storage for email, Word documents, PDFs, etc. USB Keys or Thumb Drives, Googe Drive, and DropBox, and are very popular and inexpensive media to save and transport data. They are available for purchase at the bookstore.


The Library Computer Lab and Heimbold Digital Media Lab are equipped with both black & white and color laser printers. Click here to read about printing policies and procedures. Students are free to purchase their own printers, but the Help Desk does not support these devices. Wireless printing is not supported or recommended. Be sure to purchase a USB cable with your printer.


Click here for a list of software available in the Library Computer Lab.

Buying a computer with the following specifications will protect you from obsolescence for three to five years. If your needs do not dramatically increase, you may be able to keep using your computer for even longer.

Click here for our suggested minimum specifications for new computer purchases.

Besides the aesthetic “feel” of each platform, there are a number of important practical differences between Macs and PCs that should be taken into account when deciding which one is right for you.


For non-SLC-owned computers, Help Desk provides first-tier troubleshooting and diagnosis, with escalation to second-tier repair on a case-by-case basis. For those cases that we determine to be beyond the scope of our capabilities, click here for a list of companies that provide computer repair services. This list is provided as a courtesy only; we do not recommend any company, nor do we have any agreements or discounts.

“Sarah Lawrence extends loans to employees for the purchase of computer equipment and peripherals. Employees may borrow up to $2000 once every five (5) years during their employment with the college. Repayment is through payroll deduction and may be over a period of no more than 24 consecutive months or two academic years (for employees paid over 10 months), interest free. Borrowers must show proof of purchase and must repay the loan in full immediately if employment is terminated. Detailed information, payroll deduction forms and repayment notes are available in the Controller’s office.” — Human Resources

The Help Desk is pleased to offer educational discounts on Dell and Apple equipment and various software to members of the SLC community. Review the Acceptable Use Policy and then use the links below to purchase desktop and notebook computers, software, and peripherals.














* You will need to create a GovConnection account to browse their catalog.







* You will need to create a OnTheHub account to browse their catalog.