Printing for students

Students may print in the Library Computer Lab, the Heimbold Digital Media Lab, the Hill House Lounge, and the MacCracken Study Space. You don't need to use one of the lab computers to print your document — you can print directly from your personal laptop, desktop computer, or tablet via email or using the Gryphonprint portal! See detailed instructions below.

Students are free to purchase printers for their personal use, but the Help Desk does not support these devices. Wireless printing to personal printers is not supported or recommended. Be sure to purchase a USB cable with your printer.

How to Print, Copy, and Scan.

Printing_FAQ Package.pdf

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GryphonPrint Account

All enrolled students receive a GryphonPrint account with a balance of $25 at the beginning of the fall semester. The unused balance is carried over to the spring semester, when an additional $25 is added. For students enrolled in summer classes, any unused balance from the spring will be rolled over and an additional $10 allocation will be provided.

In total, the amount allocated will fund the printing or copying of 1,500 duplexed black and white pages per year (or 625 for fall semester, 625 for spring semester, 250 for summer semester) at any public printer/copier on campus. Please note that a GryphonPrint account has no monetary value and all balances are forfeited on the last day of summer classes in August.

You can click here to add additional money to your 1Card account.

Printing for faculty/staff

Faculty and staff members can print to any of the printers listed above.

If you have been provided with a printer in your office, or a network printer shared with other faculty or staff, Help Desk can provide support as well as toner cartridges for the models listed below. For instructions on replacing toner, see "How do I replace the toner cartridge in an HP printer?" on Printing FAQs. Please bring the old toner cartridge to the Help Desk office for recycling.

HP P1505

HP P1606n