Federal law requires that all non-exempt employees complete time sheets showing the actual number of hours worked. These time sheets must be signed by your Department Head and submitted to the Payroll Office. Weekly and biweekly time sheets must be submitted to the Payroll Office by Monday following the week(s) just worked, for paychecks to be issued on that Friday. Each employee is responsible for seeing that his or her properly completed and approved time sheet is submitted to the Payroll Office.

In recording their hours worked, each non-exempt employee must record accurately the time they begin and end their work, as well as the beginning and ending times of each meal break they take and any split shift or departure from work for personal reasons. If an employee performs work before arriving to, or after leaving, the College’s premises for the day, then it is the employee’s responsibility to also report that time as hours worked so that they may be paid for the time.

Altering, falsifying, or tampering with timekeeping records, recording on your timecard hours not worked, working hours not recorded on your time card (i.e., working “off the clock”), or having someone else record your time or recording another employee’s time are all serious violations of College policy which may result in disciplinary action.