The College is required by law to deduct applicable Federal, State and local income taxes from each salary check. The amount withheld is based on gross salary and the number of exemptions claimed on your W-4 (Withholding Tax Form). The College is also required by law to deduct your contribution toward Social Security and Medicare benefits.

  • Taxation of Benefits
    The Internal Revenue Code may require that certain employee benefits be taxed as normal income. Taxable benefits may include group insurance and education benefits. Employees should be aware that the tax laws are subject to change. The Human Resources Office will attempt to notify employees of changes as they occur. Taxable benefits will be reported on the "W-2" forms sent to the Internal Revenue Service and the employee at the end of each year.
  • Additional Deductions
    Depending on the benefits you have elected, your check may reflect additional deductions. It is important to examine each salary check to be sure that the proper deductions have been made.