Dear Student and Parents:

A very cordial welcome–or welcome back–to Sarah Lawrence! This letter contains important information about your financial obligations to the College while you are enrolled as a student during the academic year.

Please read the Checklist and Instructions for Making Payment below, which will guide you through each step of this process. As you follow the checklist, you will review each billing entry on your Statement of Account for the semester. You may decide to select or refuse various optional services, the Health Insurance Program, or Tuition Refund Insurance. To do so you must complete the required waivers prior to the due date on your billing statement.

The College must receive payment in full for the semester (or the amount required by your Monthly Payment Plan) by July 15 for the fall semester and by December 31 for the spring semester. If we do not receive your payment by the due date, your account will be assessed a late payment fee equal to 1% of the past due balance or $10, whichever is greater.

Please note that you will not be allowed to register until all financial obligations to the College have been met. Any exceptions to this policy must be requested in advance from and approved by the Office of Student Accounts prior to registration. The Office of Student Accounts may be reached at 914-395-2550.

If you have requested College-provided housing and we do not receive your payment by the due date, we will be required to cancel your room or guarantee of housing and you will forfeit your $500 housing deposit.

A statement of the College’s refund policies can be found here, and also appears in the College catalog.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Student Accounts Office at 914-395-2550. For financial aid inquiries, please call the Financial Aid Office at 914-395-2570.

  1. Please verify and correct, if necessary, the address on the top portion of your Statement of Account. All future billing statements will be mailed to this address, unless we are notified of a change in the billing address.
  2.  Health Insurance. Please review the information detailing the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Program being offered to Sarah Lawrence students. This coverage is required unless you have equivalent insurance and assume full responsibility for all medical costs.

    You may decline the Health Insurance Program only by completing the Health Insurance waiver form. If you do not complete the waiver form, your account will be charged for the insurance. Please note that you may not cancel the Health Insurance Program for the spring semester if you have already accepted it for the fall semester.
  3. Tuition Refund Insurance. Please review the information detailing the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan being offered as an option to Sarah Lawrence students by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. This plan provides for the refund of up to 80% of your tuition, room, board and fees (less any refund or credit due to you from the College) if you withdraw because of personal illness or accident.

    You may decline the Tuition Refund Insurance only by completing the online Tuition Refund Insurance waiver form. If you do not complete the waiver form, your account will be charged for the insurance.
  4. Meal Plan. Please review the Meal Plan information that describes the various meal plans offered to SLC students. If you are a resident student, we have charged the cost of Meal Plan B to your Statement of Account. Resident first years are required to take Meal Plan A, B, or C for the entire academic year.

    Any Meal Plan change after the first week of school may be subject to other penalties depending on the date of the change.
  5. Other Adjustments. If you have any financial aid credits (grants or loans) that are not included on your Statement of Account, and please confirm that the department of Financial Aid has confirmed your award. Confirmation is considered to be the receipt of an Award Letter, a photocopy of which must be returned to Student Accounts.

    Please be aware that if any modifying financial information about you is received, the amount of financial aid you are eligible for could increase or decrease.

    Work-Study will not be credited to your account through financial aid or any other form of advance payment.

    If you have applied for financial aid and no financial aid credit appears on your Statement of Account, your financial aid file is most likely incomplete. Your application cannot be processed and/or awards granted until the completion of all required documents. If this is your situation, you must contact the College’s Financial Aid Office immediately (at 914-395-2570) to take steps to complete your financial aid file. Since our financial aid funds are limited, awards may not be available to late applicants.

    Your Statement of Account may include a tentative credit for any Direct Loans for which you qualify, even though you may not have completed the necessary documentation. Please note that the bank will charge an origination/insurance fee to be subtracted from your loan proceeds before they are received by Sarah Lawrence College. Importantly, if you have not completed your loan documentation and the expected loan proceeds are not received by the College by September 30 (for the fall semester) or by January 31 (for the spring semester), the credit for the loan(s) will be charged back to your account. This amount will become due immediately.
  6. Monthly Payment Plan. You may sign up for payments plans each semester electronically through your Nelnet portal. Plans are made for the total amount due each term and have a fee of $50.
  7. Complete and sign the Terms of Payment Policy.
  8. Make payment to the College in the amount calculated for the Amount Due.

    Students and parents may make payments from a checking or saving account online. Your student account will be updated two working days after the date of your payment.

    If you choose not to make an online payment, you may write a check payable to Sarah Lawrence College. Please write your ID number on the check to ensure that payment is posted to the proper account. A fee of $30 will be charged for any check returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

    Payment may also be made by wire transfer. If you make payment by wiring funds, please mail or fax us a copy of the statement indicating the date and amount of the wire transfer. If by mail, send the statement directly to the Student Accounts Office, Sarah Lawrence College, One Mead Way, Bronxville, New York 10708. If by fax, send to the Student Accounts Office at 914-395-2669.
  9. Please return the following items to the Student Accounts Office:
    1. The top portion of your Statement of Account, and your payment if paying by check.
    2. Photocopies of Award Letters that confirm financial aid noted in “Other Adjustments.”
    3. The signed Terms of Payment Policy.
    4. The completed Information Release Consent Form.