The Fall 2022 semester payments, plus any prior balance, will be due July 15, 2022. The Spring 2023 semester payments will be due December 19, 2022. 

Monthly Semester Payment Plan

Students and families have the option of enrolling in monthly payment plans through the college's electronic billing provider Nelnet. Plans will be available on a semester basis only. Payments will be processed via ACH, or credit card,  automatically on the 5th of each month. An enrollment fee of $55 and a down payment for the first month of the plan will be required at the time of enrollment. Each student may only have one active payment plan per semester.

The following plans will be available for the Spring 2023 semester beginning November 15, 2022:

Last day to enroll Required first month down payment Number of subsequent monthly payments
December 19, 2022              20%                4
January 13, 2023              25%                3



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