• Full time contractual regular and guest faculty, who teach 4 days (classes) throughout the academic year
  • Part time contractual regular and guest faculty who teach at least 2 days (classes) throughout the academic year
  • Full time staff who work 35 hours per week for at least 10 months during the academic year
  • Part time staff who work at least 21 hours per week in their primary position for at least 9 months throughout the academic year

Eligibility for membership in all College health insurance plans begins on the date of employment as defined above. Eligibility for membership in the College group Life and Long-Term Disability insurance plans begins on the first day of the month following three months of employment. This three-month waiting period is waived for any employee who was insured through a previous employer under another group life insurance policy and/or group long-term disability insurance policy. It is the employee's responsibility to alert the Human Resources Office of eligibility for any direct transfer. If you are absent from work on the day you would otherwise become insured, your insurance will become effective on the date you return to work.

Details on the employee's share of the premium cost for medical plans may be obtained from the Human Resources Office. Required contributions to the medical plans will be taken on a pre-tax basis unless the employee chooses, in writing, not to do so, or unless prohibited by IRS regulation.

Employees on LOA (leave of absence) or Nine and Ten Month Employees not on payroll during the summer:

Employees who are removed from the payroll are required to pre-pay the employee portion of their premiums in advance. Special arrangements for the payment of insurance premiums are made for these employees during the time that they are not on the College payroll. During the summer months, these employees may remain on the Medical, Life and Long-Term Disability plans. Please contact the Human Resources Office for information on payment of benefits during the summer.