The College pays the full premiums for this insurance via The Hartford Group, which provides protection to employees for disability resulting from either an accident or illness sustained on or off the job and lasting more than six months. Dependents are not insured under the plan.

Disability income is 60% of base salary subject to a maximum payment of $6,000 per month, less amounts payable, if any, by Workers' Compensation, any state disability benefit, and/or Social Security benefits. Arrangements can be made for partial disability payments after the six-month waiting period, if approved by the insurer.

During the period in which the disability benefit is paid, the insurance company will also pay the pension contribution, for members of the TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan, of 8% of the base salary. In addition, during this same period, an employee may continue membership in the College health insurance plans under the same financial arrangements as prior to the disability until they become eligible for Medicare.

Disability Insurance Forms