After a full-time eligible employee has completed three years of full-time service, his or her dependent children are eligible for full tuition remission, on a place-available basis, if they are accepted as a matriculated student in a full-time undergraduate program at Sarah Lawrence College through the regular admissions procedures. There is no benefit for graduate enrollment. The employee must have met the three-year service requirement prior to the first effective semester for which a tuition payment is due and must have worked full-time immediately prior to commencement of the benefit. A break in service of less than one year will not deter eligibility, provided that the employee otherwise meets the three year eligibility requirement.

Children of regular part-time employees are eligible for prorated remission of the tuition after the employee has completed three years of service in this category. Proration of the remission for part-time employees will be calculated as the average of the employee's work schedule during the three years prior to the semester that the benefit is extended. Dependent children of eligible part-time employees who change to permanent full-time status receive no less than 75% of the full award during the intermediate time until completion of three years of uninterrupted full-time service; they may receive more than 75% of the full award during this time if their previous schedule so dictates. Employees must have met the service requirement prior to the beginning of the semester for which tuition remission is extended.

Summer Courses

Tuition remission for dependent children for regular undergraduate summer courses will be extended to full time matriculated students under the same arrangement as during the regular semester. Students may not receive a benefit in excess of the maximum undergraduate education benefit credits allowed.