Sarah Lawrence belongs to this program with approximately 500 other colleges and universities. Dependent children of full-time members of the administration and staff who have completed at least three years of full-time service, and have worked continuously full-time immediately prior to commencement of the benefit, may apply for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship at these member institutions. A break in service of less than a year will not deter eligibility provided the employee meets the three-year waiting period. Scholarships are limited at many of the schools and the program does not guarantee an award. Because this benefit cannot be prorated, it is available only to the children of full-time employees who have met the three-year waiting requirement period prior to the first effective semester for which payment is due.

A list of participating institutions may be obtained from Tuition Exchange website.

A dependent child is defined as one who receives more than one-half support from the employee and is claimed as a dependent by the employee on their tax return in each year of the tuition benefit. As proof of dependency, a copy of the "Filing Status" section of the employee's Federal Income Tax return must be attached to the tuition remission application. To prove dependency for a child of an employee and their domestic partner—where the employee may not claim the child as a dependent on the federal tax return, or for a child of the employee and their same sex spouse who may not file joint tax returns according to federal regulations, the child must be claimed as a dependent on the named domestic partner or spouse’s tax return, in each year of the tuition benefit. For same-sex married couples, to the extent that the state of residence permits joint tax returns and the claiming of the child as a dependent, a state tax return will be acceptable as proof of dependency.

Extension of Tuition Exchange Benefits

Upon approval by the President, Tuition Exchange Scholarships may be applied for by the dependent children of full-time employees who have completed ten years of eligible service with the College and who retire at normal retirement age, or who die or become totally disabled while in active service with the College. This extension of benefits will be administered in accordance with the general tuition exchange policies delineated above.

For purposes of this extension of benefits policy, "active service" is defined as any period when an employee is on the College payroll. A full-time employee who is on an approved unpaid leave of absence of two months or less is considered to be in active service with the College and is eligible for this extension of benefits.

Education Benefits Forms

Note: No benefit can be granted until this form has been completed and returned to the Human Resources Office with the required income tax information and/or proof of dependency, attached, if applicable.

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