Eligibility: Employees eligible for education benefits include full and part-time contractual tenure/tenure-track faculty who teach at least half time and regular full-time and part-time non-faculty employees who work at least 21 hours per week for at least 9 months per year. (Guest faculty are not eligible for these benefits, with the exception of the tuition remission benefit offered to the Early Childhood Center. Eligible guest faulty must teach at least half time during the year in which they are receiving this remission benefit, and must meet the waiting period requirements as stated in this policy.)

Education benefits are extended for one semester at a time, and the employee is expected to remain in service with the College throughout the semester in question. If an employee resigns, is terminated, or changes to an ineligible category during the semester, they shall be required to reimburse the College for the full or partial amount of that semester's benefit. The reimbursement shall be prorated according to the date of change in employment status.

Taxation of education benefits depends on Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

The maximum undergraduate education benefit for any one child will be eight semesters, the equivalent of 120 registered credits or four undergraduate years at an accredited undergraduate institution. Advanced Placement courses taken in secondary (high school) are not eligible for tuition benefit reimbursement. Employees, spouses and domestic partners may take 5 credits per semester or summer term only.