This benefit is provided for all employees of the College in accordance with New York State law. Coverage is for work-related injuries and occupational illness and is effective immediately upon employment. The law requires that any injury sustained in the course of employment or suspected occupational illness be reported within 48 hours. These reports must be filed with the Human Resources Office.

Anyone injured while at work, however slightly, must report immediately to the Health & Wellness Center for first-aid treatment. If further care is needed you will be taken to the Lawrence Hospital Emergency Room, located minutes away in Bronxville, or referred to your private physician. If you are injured at a time when the Health & Wellness Center is not open, your Department Head will arrange for transportation to Lawrence Hospital if necessary. Please carefully review theĀ Medical Emergency Procedures.

All work-related medical expenses are reimbursed at the current Workers' Compensation rate. If you are being treated at a hospital emergency room, you must inform the hospital that your injury or illness is work-related and that you are covered by Workers' Compensation. If you are being treated by a private physician, this physician must be an authorized Workers' Compensation physician. Again, be sure to inform the physician that your injury or illness is work-related and to confirm that the physician is authorized to render medical care under Workers' Compensation. Except in unusual circumstances (e.g., emergency treatment or out-of-state injury or illness) treatment by an unauthorized physician may not be covered by Workers' Compensation.

Under normal circumstances, the employee should not pay bills for work-related medical expenses. The doctor or hospital should send such bills directly to our Workers' Compensation insurance carrier. Call Human Resources at 914-395-2365 if you have a question about Workers' Compensation.

If a work-related injury or occupational illness results in an absence of over seven days, the Compensation Board normally awards an income benefit equal to two-thirds of weekly salary up to a maximum determined by the Compensation Board. Additional College benefits available to eligible employees who are receiving Workers' Compensation income benefits are discussed under Extended Medical Leave.