Staff Anniversary Recognition Program

Sarah Lawrence is pleased to recognize staff, for their longevity and positive impact on the community. These important milestones are recognized at the summer staff gathering, for all staff who achieved such a milestone in the previous academic year. They acknowledge extraordinary efforts made by College staff members toward fulfilling the goals, mission, and values of the College.

Below is the update to the College’s anniversary recognition program, as of June 1, 2019. This program is administered by the Office of Human Resources.

5 year = Certificate of Appreciation
10 year = $100.00 gift card
15 year = $150.00 gift card
20 year = $200.00 gift card
25 year = $300.00 gift card
30 year = $400.00 gift card
35 year = $500.00 gift card
40 year = $600.00 gift card
45 year = $700.00 gift card
50 year and beyond = An award, monetary or otherwise, at the discretion of the College

All gift cards will be generic (i.e. Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc.) and will be reportable as taxable income for the recipient, upon distribution. Recognition letters and awards will be presented during the annual summer staff event.