Students with documented disabilities which substantially limit their ability to live in Sarah Lawrence's traditional housing accommodations may apply for Specialized Housing under the College's Specialized Housing Policy.

Procedure for Requesting Specialized Housing

1. Students must have a documented disability and be registered with Disability Services in order to request a specialized housing accommodation.   Information on how to register and what documentation needs to be submitted can be found at

2. Once a student is registered with Disability Services, in order to request the Specialized Housing Accommodation, students need to submit the following:

  • Specialized Housing Request Form  This form is on MySLC under Residence Life - Specialized Housing.  This is a fillable form that comes directly to the Associate Dean of Studies and Disability Services. 
  • Documentation for Specialized Housing Form completed by a healthcare provider (therapist or doctor) who can address the specific need for the requested accommodation.  This cannot be completed by a relative of the student making the request.  This form is available on MySLC under Residence Life/Specialized Housing.  The Documentation for Specialized Housing Form will not be required if the disability is readily observable (e.g., the student uses a wheelchair or scooter for mobility or is deaf or blind).

3. All required forms for Fall 2019 incoming students are due by JULY 8, 2019 and should be sent to:

                                Polly B. Waldman, Associate Dean of Studies and Disabilities Services

                                Sarah Lawrence College

                                One Mead Way

                                Bronxville, NY 10708       

                                Fax:  914.395.2666

                                Email: or 

4. All requests and documentation are reviewed by Dean Waldman.  In early July, students will be notified (via email, copied to Residence Life) whether the accommodation is approved and what the recommendation is for the accommodation. Residence Life will post housing assignments on MySLC in early August.

 Time Line – Summer 2019

1.  July 8th                        

  • Documentation to Register with Disability Services Due
  • Specialized Housing Requests & Supporting Documentation Due

2.  Week of July 8th     

  • Recommendations for Specialized Housing Accommodation emailed

3.  August 7th               

  • Residence Life posts housing assignments on MySLC  

**The forms necessary to request specialized housing are available to all students on MySLC at

Requests for specialized housing will not be accepted until the student has registered with Disability Services

Appeal Process

If a student with a documented disability believes that they have not been provided with a reasonable housing accommodation, the student may appeal the decision to the Dean of Studies & Student Life or designee. The student must provide in writing, within five business days of receipt of the decision, the basis for the appeal. The Dean of Studies & Student Life or designee will review all pertinent information before rendering a decision. The decision of the Dean of Studies & Student Life or designee is final.

Questions regarding the Specialized Housing Policy may be directed to:

Associate Dean of Studies and Disability Services