Andrews Court

Andrews Court is a cluster of detached condominium style houses located right on the edge of main campus. Andrews Court residents enjoy living in small communities (each house has just six or seven single rooms) that share a spacious kitchen and common area, and are equipped with air conditioning. There are 12 Andrews Court houses total featuring all single rooms.

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Andrews East

Andrews East is a beautiful stone building located right next to the library and the Child Development Center. Residents will enjoy a quick walk to anywhere on campus. There are two apartments in Andrews East, each with a kitchen shared by four or five residents. Just outside of Andrews East is a beautiful garden area and backyard.

Andrews House

Andrews House offers a mix of single, double and triple rooms right in the heart of campus. Students living in Andrews House share a kitchen and amazing backyard garden with their housemates. You may even be lucky enough to have a class in one of the Andrews House classrooms located right down the spiral staircase in the lobby. Andrews House residents also enjoy having a laundry room that is located right outside the entrance.


Curtis is made up of two apartments in the Annex next to Kober, a big Tudor-style house. Located across from the Campbell Sports Center and next to the Early Childhood Center, Curtis and Kober residents enjoy great community close to everything. Curtis and Kober are all gender and substance free housing options. 


Kober is a large Tudor-style house located across from the Campbell Sports Center and Early Childhood Center (watch out for adorable children!). Kober features doubles and singles, and a large shared kitchen. Curtis and Kober are all gender and substance free housing options. 

Lynd and Lynd Annex

Lynd and Lynd Annex are lovely places to live. Lynd is an old mansion converted for residence hall living. Lynd and Lynd Annex have a kitchen and are located across the street from inner campus, which means all the joys of waking up late and getting to class on time, running to the pub in the wee hours of the morning, and the luxury of having a quiet place to call home. It's also near Marshall Field Music Building where anyone can go to play music. 

Slonim Woods

With its beautiful view of a majestic willow tree, Slonim Woods is centrally located and right across from Heimbold Arts Center, which is home to some amazing art (not to mention a café with coffee and baked goods!). Slonim Woods consists of small "ski lodge" type buildings with eight single rooms in each house. The houses also have a common area, kitchen, and a relaxed atmosphere which is what students like about Slonim Woods.

Slonim House and Faculty House

Slonim House and Slonim Faculty House offer graduate students spacious single rooms across from the Heimbold Arts Center. Slonim Faculty House has a large shared kitchen and Slonim House has a small kitchenette. 


Tweed is a gorgeous tudor-style home converted to house students. A basement laundry room, giant kitchen, beautiful backyard/patio, and even two classrooms are just some of the things Tweed has to offer. Besides the great amenities and the aesthetic beauty, Tweed has a really peaceful, laid-back atmosphere - located across the street from main campus, it affords you the opportunity to get away from the usual hustle and bustle of college life. Tweed is also all gender and substance free.