College offers students a variety of housing options to meet the various needs of the student community. Housing includes apartment, suite, townhouse and traditional dormitory style facilities. Within these facilities, the College offers specially designated housing. Below are descriptions of these housing designations to assist you in finding the right living space for you. Please refer to the floor plans to see how the various spaces are designated (i.e. all gender, substance/alcohol free, quiet).

Please note, in accordance with New York State law smoking is not permitted in any College building or residence hall, including individual student rooms and common areas.

All Gender:
Housing designated as All Gender (including rooms, suites, apartments/townhouses, and floors) have spaces available for students of all genders. Students signed-up to live in “All Gender” housing agree to share living and bathroom space with someone of another gender. Students of different genders may sign up to share a room through the group or individual lotteries.

If a space is specifically designated “women” only people who identify as that gender will be assigned a spot in that space. This designation does not limit visitors or guests of another gender from being in the space.

The spaces that are currently designated as Women only for the 2019-20 academic year are: Hill House 3rd floor, Lynd House, Lynd Annex, and Titsworth.


No noise should be audible from outside an individual room at any time. Students who live in Quiet Housing agree to abide by this guideline. For students living in areas not designated as quiet housing, a resident’s right to quiet always supersedes another’s right to make noise.

The areas that are quiet for the 2019-20 academic year are: Andrews House, Hill House 1st and 2nd floor, MacCracken, Morris, OSilas, Slonim House, Taylor A and D, Westlands.


Students living in Substance/Alcohol-Free housing agree not to use alcohol or other substances (including smoking) in the housing area or return to the area while under the influence. Individuals who do not abide by these rules will be removed from Substance/Alcohol-Free housing. If alternate housing is not available, the student may be removed from housing. Students selecting to live in SF housing will be required to sign an acknowledgment of their responsibility.

The areas that are substance free for the 2019-20 academic year are: Curtis, Hill House 1st and 5th floor, Kober, OSilas, Taylor A, Tweed, Westlands.


Many College residences have kitchen facilities either within the building or shared within a small house or apartment. Kitchens have different amenities. It is your responsibility to explore what each kitchen’s amenities. The College reserves the right to alter or remove kitchens if necessary.

The following houses/apartments have kitchens: Andrews House, Andrews East, Andrews Court, Brebner, Curtis, Hill House, Kober, Lynd, Mansell, Morris, Perkins, Rothschild, Schmidt, and Slonim Woods.