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Email policies Original post: Thu 1/5/2012 at 5:02 AM

The Sarah Lawrence College electronic mail system is available to every Sarah Lawrence student, faculty, and staff member. The e-mail system, which is an integral component of the college's technological resources, is owned by the college and managed by the Information Technology staff for the benefit of the Sarah Lawrence community. The acceptable use of the e-mail system is consistent with the mission of the college, and used to promote and support education, research, professional development and public service. The college reserves the right, if circumstances warrant, accessing, inspecting and disclosing the contents of messages created, sent or received using the e-mail system.

It is the responsibility of all e-mail account holders to manage the use, message content and size of their e-mail accounts. Reading e-mail daily, removing old messages and deleting messages and attachments of unknown origin are among the most common practices that help ensure an efficient e-mail system. A secure system also requires e-mail account holders to choose and change periodically unique passwords, as well as exiting the e-mail system before leaving — even if briefly — their workstations.

Unacceptable use of the e-mail system puts both the offending individual and the college at risk. Unacceptable use of the e-mail system includes, but is not limited to:

  • unauthorized attempts to access another's e-mail account
  • sharing e-mail account passwords
  • violating federal, state or local laws or statutes pertaining to electronic communications
  • sending harassing, threatening, abusive or obscene messages
  • sending messages not previously approved by a member of the Senior Management Team for political, commercial, fundraising or profit making purposes
  • broadcasting excessively large amounts of data (chain letters, graphic presentations, etc.) in such a way as to cause network congestion and failure

Penalties for unacceptable use of the college e-mail system may range from temporary/permanent loss of e-mail privileges to expulsion/termination.

In addition to individual e-mail accounts the college's administration from time to time may authorize the creation of special purpose e-mail "lists" to facilitate internal college communications. Such lists are subject to the same usage rules as individual e-mail accounts.

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