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Wireless access, availability, and policies There are 1 replies:
Wireless access, availability, and policies Original post: Tue 1/3/2012 at 10:22 PM
1. Where is wireless internet access available?

Click on any building (blue objects) to see where wireless is available – inside or outside. Not all buildings have complete indoor coverage. The border (green line) represents the outline of the campus.

Wireless access is available in all public spaces and in all classrooms. All access points use 802.11b/g /n WAPs.  802.11AC coming soon.

 2. How do I obtain wireless access?

Just choose the Wireless signal called SLCWLAN

4. What is the wireless policy in Residence Halls?

Students are encouraged to bring computers with at least a 802.11b-compliant network cards so that they can use the wireless network where currently available (see #1 above). However, SLC prohibits the use of wireless access points (like Apple’s Airport Base Station) in on-campus residences due to risks associated with network integrity, network security, and frequency interference.

Unapproved wireless access points can compromise connectivity for large groups of people on the network. An improperly configured wireless access point may interfere with other students’ connectivity by acting as a rogue DHCP server, distributing unroutable IP addresses to everyone on the same network segment.

Another concern about wireless access points is that when installed by someone without a thorough knowledge of wireless technology and network security, the College’s network can be opened up to non-SLC users. You may have heard of “war driving,” the practice of driving around until one finds a usable wireless signal — unsecured wireless access points offer war drivers the opportunity to hijack our network resources.

Finally, the Apple Airport and other unofficial wireless access points may interfere with the official wireless network. Frequency interference would make wireless technology too unreliable for teaching and learning, thus defeating the purpose of having it on campus.

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