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Faculty accounts Original post: Sun 1/8/2012 at 4:50 PM

Issuance of Computer Accounts

All members of the Sarah Lawrence College faculty are provided with network accounts. Services associated with these accounts include email, file storage space on the network, and remote access to electronic library resources.

Departmental email accounts are created upon request. Individual and departmental accounts on the Web server are created upon request. The Help Desk staff provides support for all faculty computer accounts.

Termination of Computer Accounts

Upon retirement, faculty members will receive continued access to their network and email accounts as long as sufficient resources are available to support this service. Retiring faculty may opt to have their email forwarded to another address indefinitely. However, no disk space will be allocated to these individuals for the purpose of email storage, and the College cannot guarantee the delivery of email via this service.

Faculty who leave the College for other reasons may retain their network privileges (including email accounts and file storage space) until August 15th of the year in which their relationship with the College is terminated. An alert will be sent via email, at which time the departing faculty member is responsible for transferring data to another medium before the stated expiration date. Members of the Help Desk are available to assist with that process.

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