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Security and privacy policy Original post: Sun 1/8/2012 at 3:15 PM

Individuals using college-owned computing equipment can expect the college to take reasonable steps to ensure the security and integrity of information kept in or on, or transmitted by, that equipment. At the same time, the college reserves the right to protect the integrity of its computing enterprise. The privacy rights of individuals using college-owned equipment, therefore, have some limits. In particular, the college claims the following rights:

  • The right to monitor the volume (but not the content) of information communicated on campus networks.
  • The right to audit for the presence of commercial software packages installed on its computing equipment.
  • The right to examine, under specific instances where there is evidence that a violation of computing use regulations has occurred, the content of data, text, images, and/or executable computer files.
  • The right to implement procedures to protect the integrity of the systems and networks (e.g. virus scans).

The college cannot guarantee the security of individual offices nor can it guarantee any piece of equipment against failure. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to ensure that data and other valued information assets are adequately backed up and secured.

Computer networks are not secure. Although it is counter to policy for an unintended recipient to deliberately read another person’s electronic communications, the college cannot guarantee that an electronic message will not be read or examined by an unintended recipient, either on or off campus. It is therefore recommended that computer networks not be used to transmit information which is confidential, sensitive, or for which privacy rights might be a concern.

Official servers (email, web, nameservice, etc.) follow guidelines designed for that specific type of service and are approved by the college. Private servers are not prohibited, but must abide by standard college policies. Excessive use of resources (e.g. high network use or server utilization, and/or denial of services to others) will be subject to review and limits may be imposed. Misuse could result in denial of network services.


Failure to comply with guidelines for acceptable use of computer resources will normally result in a warning. Serious or multiple infractions of computer use policies may result in sanctions by the college. The due process rights of individuals in cases of possible infractions are the same as for non-computing violations of college regulations, and are described in the relevant handbooks. Some computer-use infractions may violate local, state, or federal law; civil and/or criminal sanctions may be independently applicable.

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