Undergraduate students can begin graduate work during their senior year and earn their master’s degree in their fifth year through three of Sarah Lawrence College’s unique graduate programs: The Art of Teaching, Child Development, and Dance/Movement Therapy. Students apply in the early Spring of their junior year. 

Students who apply and are accepted to a five year program retain their undergraduate financial aid status in their senior year while beginning their graduate studies. Once a student in a five year program has graduated and earned their BA degree, they are enrolled as a full-time graduate student for their fifth year and pay the graduate tuition fee for the program. Please note that graduate tuition rates differ from undergraduate tuition rates. Current graduate tuition rates can be found here.

Students enrolled in the five year program are eligible to apply for graduate scholarships and fellowships in the spring of their senior year. If awarded, any graduate scholarship or fellowships received will be applied towards the fifth (graduate) year only.

For information about financing the fifth year of your graduate education, please visit https://www.sarahlawrence.edu/financial-aid/graduate/

Students interested in applying to one of the five year programs should attend a Five Year Programs Info Session or speak with the Program Director before applying. Applications should be submitted in the early Spring of the student's junior year. Students' applications will be reviewed by both the graduate program and by the Dean of Studies office. Students should plan to complete at least 90 undergraduate credits before entering their senior year and the five year program.

Once you have consulted with the Program Director, please request the application form here.

If you have any general questions regarding admission to our five year programs, please refer to our helpful FAQ document here and/or you may also reach out to Kim Ferguson, Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies:

P. +1-914-395-2372

C. +-1-607-229-2468