COVID-19 Biweekly Payroll Guidance for Supervisors



As the College has moved to the majority of our staff working remotely and only essential staff are being required to report to campus, please review the following direction on the submission of biweekly time sheets until further notice.


General Principles

  • ​As explained in the community email​ sent on Monday March 16, the College is requiring all non-essential employees to work remotely as often as possible--this includes staff paid on a biweekly basis.
  • In the case that a non-essential staff member's regular work does not lend itself to remote work, supervisors should be creative in the assignment of special projects or assignments.  Please contact the Office of Human Resources discuss special project options.
  • In the case that a staff member cannot perform any type of work remotely (including special projects as assigned by supervisors) they will still receive pay for their regularly scheduled hours.
  • Hourly staff who are required ​by their supervisor to be on campus as an essential employee will be paid time-and-a-half for all hours worked on campus.

Time Sheet Submissions

  • Please submit biweekly time sheets by Monday, March 23, using the regular process (by email to Luis Urias at for the pay period ​March 9 - March 22.  This is important because biweekly staff will be paid for the actual hours that they worked and for their one-week spring break.  These time sheets are for the pay date Friday, March 27.
  • In an effort to minimize the number of time sheets being submitted remotely, for pay periods beginning after Monday, March 23, the College will pay all staff for their regularly scheduled hours without the use of time sheets.
  • Supervisors should only submit time sheets to Payroll for staff who work on campus or are reporting sickness during a pay period.  Please clearly indicate at the top of the time sheet that the employee worked on campus, as these will be paid at an overtime rate for those staff.  
  • Biweekly staff shall not be permitted to work in excess of their regularly scheduled hours from home or on campus.

Please contact the College's Payroll Office if you have questions concerning the biweekly payroll process as described in this policy.