Reporting Sexual Violence

The decision to report and seek help for sexual violence such as sexual assault, harassment, stalking or intimate partner violence is very personal and complex. SLC Reporting Options Chart.pdf

When a member of the community reports sexual violence, Sarah Lawrence College takes the following steps to ensure student safety and maintain community security:

  • The identified victim is contacted by the Sarah Lawrence Title IX Coordinator and is offered options regarding care, security, and reporting.
  • Sarah Lawrence College connects the identified victim with a Westchester Victims Assistance advocate.
  • If the name of the alleged perpetrator is revealed and they are a member of the College community, the identified victim is offered the option of a no contact order. Sarah Lawrence College also convenes its Threat Assessment Team to conduct a campus risk assessment.
  • If the victim wishes to contact the police, Sarah Lawrence College will assist in making contact with the Yonkers Police Department. The Yonkers Police will then conduct their own investigation if the victim chooses to file a police report.

The College encourages survivors to report sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence. On campus reports can be made to:

  • Title IX Coordinator, Kristin Collado: 914-323-6138
  • Public Safety & Security: 914-395-2209
  • Health & Wellness: 914-395-2350* (NOTE: Health & Wellness is a confidential resource who can help you explore your options)

Reports to the Yonkers Police Department can be made at (914) 337-7900. Reporting sexual assault to the police department does not require you to pursue criminal charges. Members of the College staff are available to help you make formal reports to the College and the police.