Specialized Housing Accommodation -  For Incoming Students for Fall 2022

Timeline:  Specialized Housing Requests and Supporting Documentation are due June 15, 2022


Specialized Housing Accommodation Policy

Students with documented disabilities which substantially limit their ability to live in Sarah Lawrence’s traditional housing arrangements may apply for housing accommodations under the Specialized Housing Policy.

Sarah Lawrence College is a four-year residential college and residence halls are an integral part of the learning environment. Living within the community and learning to share space and be respectful of others is part of that learning experience. Specialized housing will be provided according to the following guidelines, with the understanding that students with disabilities may require unique housing configurations. These needs are assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Sarah Lawrence Residence Life Office is committed to achieving access and does not discriminate against persons with disabilities, and provides disability housing accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA). This Specialized Housing Policy is derived from the College’s commitment to non-discrimination for all persons in employment, access to facilities, student programs, activities and services.    

To accommodate students with mobility disabilities, Sarah Lawrence has designated at least two (2) residence hall rooms with accessible bathrooms that comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. Students with mobility disabilities will receive first priority for these rooms at the beginning of each semester. If any of these rooms are occupied by a student without a mobility disability at the beginning of any semester and a student with a mobility disability needs the room due to their mobility disability, Sarah Lawrence will transfer the student without the mobility disability to another available dorm room so that the accessible room can be occupied by the student with the mobility disability. Sarah Lawrence will not transfer a student without a mobility disability out of one of these designated rooms if there are no alternative on-campus dormitory rooms available.

The Director of Access and Disability Services evaluates all requests carefully and thoroughly and makes the appropriate recommendation to the Director for Residence Life. If reasonable specialized housing requests cannot be immediately satisfied due to capacity and availability, etc., the Residential Life Office will prioritize these requests by urgency and need. Specialized housing assignments are granted based on documented need and not on the basis of location preference. Requests for single rooms based on a desire to have a “quiet, undisturbed place to study” are rarely granted and only in unusual circumstances where the submitted documentation specifically and compellingly supports such an accommodation. Sarah Lawrence College has established the following procedures to ensure that students with a disability have equal access to SLC housing.

Special Note for Returning Students:

  • Returning students who are requesting specialized housing for the first time or who are renewing a previous specialized housing request must follow the general housing requirements. If you have questions about Specialized Housing, please contact Daniel Chan 

For more information, please visit the Disability Services' page: