2021 Graduate Thesis Presentations and Performances

Art of Teaching

The Art of Teaching oral thesis presentations will be held from March 28 to April 5 and are open to Art of Teaching students and invited guests only.

Child Development

Monday, May 17 from 9 to 11 AM ET

Open to Child Development students and invited guests only.​

Dance/Movement Therapy

The Dance/Movement Therapy thesis presentations are scheduled for Thursday, May 6th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm EST.  These virtual presentations are open to family, friends and the SLC community. Below is the Zoom link for anyone wishing to attend:

Human Genetics

Thesis Presentations are open to Human Genetics students and invited guests only.​

Women’s History

Women’s History Graduate students will present and discuss their theses virtually on 

Thursday, May 6, 2021 6:00pm EST. Students, faculty, staff, friends and family are invited. 

Zoom information below:

Meeting ID: 914 2837 8429

Passcode: 140846


Wednesday, May 12,2021 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM ET: Thesis Reading (Virtual)

Thursday, May 13,2021 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM ET: Thesis Reading (Virtual)

All students, faculty, friends, and family are invited to attend thesis readings by graduating MFA Writing students.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 987 0009 4394
Passcode: 464842


Join us for this year’s Grad Solo Festival!

Each production is a thesis presentation that has been researched, workshopped, written, directed, designed, produced, and performed by the graduating MFA class of 2021. 

Friday, April 17th- Sunday, April 25th

For tickets visit:

For questions, please contact Grad Solo Producer, Sarah Sterling ( 

Featured performances will be streamed digitally at 7:30 PM EDT:

Saturday, April 17 

Amanda Card

I May Be Ugly But I’m Also Scared

Meet Ethel, a 2.5 year old opossum. Ethel wants you to remember her. Like, really remember her. Like, the way we remember really important humans remember her. Watch as Ethel tries to secure her legacy in real time.

I MAY BE UGLY BUT I’M ALSO SCARED uses mask performance and puppetry to share Ethel’s uniquely marsupial perspective. Who deserves a legacy? How do you get one? Is anyone really remembered, or are we all lost to time?

Content Warnings: Death

Sunday, April 18

Amelia Bethel

The Marvelous Manifestation of Marla Milagro!

Marla Milagro invites you to a special, never-before-witnessed, behind-the-scenes, extravaganza of mythopoeic showgirl self-actualization! In the real world, life is complicated. In Marla’s world, life is beautiful. How long can she keep her tassels twirling and her booty bumping before worlds collide?

Content Warnings: nudity; adult/strong language; sexual content; discussion of sexual harassment & assault

Monday, April 19

Sarah Sterling

You’re Invited!

Sarah is a millennial and has started a few businesses to make it through the global pandemic, monetarily speaking. Sarah (which means princess, btw) taught herself magic and clowning for zoom birthday parties and she's doing her best. Sometimes, though, it feels like her best isn't enough. See the magic happen at Apple's 7th birthday party!

Content Warnings: adult language

Tuesday, April 20

Karen Loewy Movilla

Ask Me About the Uterus

There's less known about the uterus than space  (quote - me). But the amount of information around this organ is minimal, from the source of hysteria to life-producing. How  can we view it and elements related to it -  menstruation, birth, endometriosis  - as something natural.  Let us break the myths and legends around it.

Content Warnings: talks of menstruation, medical imagery, and hysteria

Wednesday, April 21

Margaret Campbell

Honey, I’m Rick Moranis!

This show is a collection of short comedy sketches intertwined with stand-up comedy monologues. Each sketch discusses a different form of media we consume on a day-to-day basis, from Facebook Click-Bait articles to Ghost Hunting Television shows. What do we learn from this media? How does it change the way we look at ourselves and the world? 

Content Warnings: harsh language, violence, and talk of mental illness (depression). 

Thursday, April 22

Kyrie Ellison

Weekend Warrior

Where do we find the courage to enter battle? And in the end, who are we battling and why? 

Content Warnings: Discussion of violence, simulated violence, and adult language. 

Friday, April 23

Ally Thomas

Karen & Cass

A woman explores the lives of musicians Karen Carpenter and Cass Elliot through the lens of domestic crafts. As she follows the ups and downs of their careers and personal lives, she charts her own journey with body acceptance.

Content Warnings: Discussions of fatphobia and disordered eating. 

Saturday, April 24

Chanel Smith


Oblivion explores the utilization of digital media for live virtual performance. It’s devised around themes of human existence in hybrid realities of virtual and physical spaces. Asking the questions - Are we aware of what is real and who is watching? Where will emerging technologies lead the future of humanity? And what type of future will it be?  

Sunday, April 25

Chanel Blanchett

The Table

There is The Door to The Room. In The Room there is The Table. At The Table is...who knows?

"The Table" explores what happens when one woman makes it through The Door and begins to find her way. For the journey from The Door to The Table is rife with questions. 

Who gets a seat at the table? What does it take for them to get there? And what happens if they get up?

Content Warnings: Strong Language