How are incomplete requests made?

After a teacher agrees to an incomplete, students submit the Student Request for an Incomplete Form  to the Dean of Studies office by the last day of classes.  The form must be complete with don and teacher signatures.


Are students who have missed turning in work over the course of the semester and would like to make them up once the semester ends eligible to request an incomplete?

No. An incomplete may be awarded only if a student has already done substantial passing work in the course and the teacher judges the reasons for granting incomplete status to be valid, e.g., illness, serious personal crisis, accident, extenuating academic circumstances.


Can a student on academic probation request an incomplete?

Students on academic probation must first receive permission from the Dean of Studies office before requesting an incomplete.


When is work for an incomplete due?

Completed work must be received by the faculty member by June 30 spring courses and January 15 for fall courses although faculty may establish an earlier due date.


If a student needs a few days past the end of the semester to complete an assignment, should they request an incomplete?

There is no need to request an incomplete if the faculty agrees to accept the late work and the work will be received in time for the faculty to meet their deadline for submitting evaluations.