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Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Zoe. I'm 20, a college student, and a world traveler. I blog about fashion/beauty and the world behind it ;) 

... Oh. And I also have a somewhat, overwhelming obsession with the color pink (ha ha).

So Long Farewell: Last CONFERENCE post :(

Dear Fellow Bloggers-

I can’t believe, that I have reached the FINAL end of this social media project! When I began this class, I can honestly say, that I was neither  ‘tech saavy,’ nor was I a ‘digital native,’...

The Future of Fashion Blogging: The Modern 'Renaissance Woman'

            What is the point of social media? For that matter, what is the objective of fashion blogging and You Tube? This is the question, of which, I have been striving to answer for my conference project.   


Before Continuing: Please Read the Terms and Conditions

In the documentary, Terms and Conditions, directed by Cullen Hoback, the films deals with two-controversies- the lack of Internet privacy and ‘free speech.’ The idea, that the government (as well as any one in the world) can track and interven...

You Tubers: The Next Generation


For this week, I decided to distance away from my regular 'beauty blogger' posts, in order to concentrate upon the 'general' You Tube community. More specifically, I wanted to focus on two, extremely influential You Tube 'persona...

Steps to Success

Through this past month, I have interviewed and interacted with many different social media users and You Tubers via twitter and through their channels. Although there have been many theories about how exactly people start profitable, famous channels, I t...

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