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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...

I apologize for the lack in postings recently. I’ve been mulling over what exactly it was I wanted to write about and have come to the conclusion that it’s time for a change in direction. Where I was interested in the very broad aspect of cyber-feminism, I have now decided to zero in on something that is still very pertinent to feminism; Feminism in pop culture.

We are all, mostly anyways, constantly exposed to several different and prominent figures in the media. Be it through blogs, tweets, or even Facebook links, there is constant exposure to the famed figures of Hollywood. Some are painted in certain lights due to their very public actions. Media often portrays celebrities in a negative light, anything really to create buzz around that celebrity. When dealing with celebrities, there will inevitably be buzz surrounding them on websites like Twitter and Tumblr. What I would like to explore is expanding on the perceptions of these celebrities in regards to feminism, and just how much truth is behind them.

For this reason, I have decided to focus on whether or not the celebrities that are being painted as feminists nowadays, really have the right to be called so, and if those who are being antagonized are simply being attacked for doing something unconventional. I have a few celebrities in mind that I have already researched about which include: Beyonce, Lily Allen, and Miley Cyrus. I am very open to suggestions for other celebrities that would help further this study.


This is Serena, signing off.

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#1 POSTED BY guest guest, 04/02 5:00 PM

Grrrreat topic! I think there's plenty of information out there, and I am excited to see where it takes you. The artists you have included are all very powerful and influential, but at the same time very different, which I think is interesting. They claim to be feminists, but at the same time often contradict their own opinions, giving mixed signals to their audience. Would be interesting to look into. Good luck! 

#2 POSTED BY Tale Catherine Burge Oyehaug, 04/02 5:00 PM

By the way, that was me (Tale) commenting without being signed in. Sorry!

#3 POSTED BY Dominique Brielle Fluker, 04/02 8:07 PM

Serena! I think this topic is not only very fitting to the articles we have been reading lately, but it gives the audience a new and fresh perspective of how cyber-feminism and social media are heavily connected. The introspection of famous pop stars definitely connects to the issues and strengths of feminism! I am excited to see what you discover. 

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