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My name is Serena Elkaim. I'm a First-Year attending Sarah Lawrence College.This blog will be a medium in which I discuss the importance and the impact of Cyberfeminism. 

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At the start of the semester, I really believed myself to be a feminist. I wasn’t aware, nor did I really consider the thousands of facets behind what it meant to support a feminist message. It was a natural progression for me to choose feminism to ...

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In exploring public figures in the media, I decided to veer away from the pop icons and into some, perhaps more obscure, artists. For this reason, I’ve decided to explore the wonder that is Petra Collins. I was first made aware of Petra Collins by a...

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Where we left off last time was wondering whether or not Lily Allen, who has released some pretty compelling songs that have challenged a lot of social injustices, can be considered a feminist if in some of what she does, she excludes race from the issue ...

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The film, Terms and Conditions May Apply left me reeling with just how much information I have put out there that is retained by companies who are not necessarily explicit in their intentions with this information. So much so that I’ve started to re...

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As I continue to explore these artists who I so admired, I continue to be, unfortunately, surprised by the implications that follow their less prominent actions. A good example of this is probably Lily Allen. Lily Allen is an English recordings artist and...

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