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My name is Ryan and I am a 21 year old student, born and raised in Los Angeles. I love gummy bears, cars, and cleanliness, and economic theory. This blog is partially mine, and partially dedicated to the false self I am about to create for a course I am taking on social media and personal identity. If you have any comments, questions, or threats regarding the material I post as it relates to my conference work, please feel free to comment openly on my page.



Farewell Post

So, here we are! The final post. It has been a challenging, confusing, disappointing, yet rewarding, journey. Unfortunately, I my survey did not get any bites and I still do not know how my followers feel about my project, or my false identity.

There are a...

Tumblr and Neoliberalism

As I have addressed numerous times throughout this process, internet users, Tumblr users in particular, are flooded with rhetoric and photos that tell them being fit is imperative and that it is an individual’s personal responsibility to achieve ide...

It's Go Time: The Big Reveal

I have talked a good deal about how beneficial the tumblr activity log as been for me in my research. I would like to elaborate on that and talk about how I have chosen when and how to come out as a researcher on my blog, with the help of the information ...

Guest Blog!

NSA Leaks Timeline -

Zdnet provides a detailed, eighty-four slide timeline of the NSA mass surveillance data leaks led by Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee. The timeline lays out...

Terms and Conditions May Apply - My Response

This past week’s reading and film have raised a myriad of issues that apply heavily to our generation of social media users. I have a lot of thoughts about the issues presented, so I think I will break up my thoughts by topic / sections and toss out...

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