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I read an article recently titled, “The Photographer Is My Boyfriend” addressing how many fashion bloggers have their boyfriends take their blog photos. At first, I didn’t think much of it but the more I thought about it I felt this article did shed new insight on my topic. Before I get into that I will share a little more about the article.

Bryan Yambao, of the successful blog Bryanboy shared the situation from his point of view, “You’ll see these poor men during Fashion Week…It’s sad to see them tailing the girls. It’s always the girls towering in sky-high heels and the little guy with the two camera bags taking her picture in the street. They’re like little puppies following the girls’ every whim.” He also noted the damage this can put on a relationship. A personal relationship becomes all about a working one. Especially, when the attention is all on one person.

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, one of the bloggers I conducted a case study on was in the article. After dating for ten years, she and her boyfriend who also photographed her broke up recently. Although the reason is not stated, it makes me think that it was perhaps because of this unusual set up. Rumi later reveals, “The blog brought us together and also, like, maybe drove us apart…It’s hard to find that balance.”

Neely however mentions a benefit to having your boyfriend be your photographer, “I felt comfortable with him…You can be vulnerable when someone else is taking your picture, but not with your boyfriend.” I think that is an interesting observation she makes. From personal experience I feel like I, too, was always more comfortable with my dad or friends taking my picture as opposed to the school photographer. The author of the piece mentions, that Rumi’s boyfriend’s pictures always make her look beloved. I though that this was an interesting point, which I agree with. 

Although it is undoubtedly true that there are positive and negatives to having your boyfriend be your photographer, I think there is a major issue that needs to be resolved, or more relationships will surely crumble. The issue is that the boyfriends are not an equal part of the collaboration, and their work usually goes unnoticed. This invisible partner is also a major reason why a blog is as successful as it is. A blogger may have great style, but it is the photos quality and the photographer’s skills that can turn a blog from being good to great. I think it is crucial that the photographers behind these blogs start getting the recognition that they most definitely deserve.


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