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Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a senior at Sarah Lawrence College, concentrating in Art History and Visual Arts. Most of my research has focussed on looking at fashion history through an art historical perspective. 

 In my blog I am going to explore how Fashion Blogging has changed the Fashion Industry. I will look at the fashion world before and after the Social Media Revolution. Part of my research will be doing case studies of my favorite bloggers.

Enjoy reading!


My conference project this semester analyzed the ways in which social media, specifically fashion blogs, has changed the fashion industry. To study this, I analyzed successful fashion bloggers including Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Jane Aldridge of ...

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Coming toward the completion of my conference project I read an article about the authenticity of bloggers. Alice E. Marwick, the author of the article titled, “‘They’re really profound women, they’re entrepreneurs’: Concepti...

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I read an article recently titled, “The Photographer Is My Boyfriend” addressing how many fashion bloggers have their boyfriends take their blog photos. At first, I didn’t think much of it but the more I thought about it I felt this arti...

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Recap: For my conference project, I have been studying social media’s effect on the fashion industry, and the ways in which social media has made this notoriously exclusive field, more accessible (for non-fashion insiders).

Blogging, is the platform ...

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I found the panel and guest speakers to be fascinating.  I was particularly interested in the first speaker and his issues and concerns with surveillance. As a teacher, his main concern was that his students were not aware that they are being tracked...

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