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My name is Matthew. I am a student and musician by trade who is Interested in a wide variety of subjects. I am a New Yorker, born and raised and couldn't have picked a better place to facilitate my love of music and culture. Some of my interests include the study of music/performing, cooking, the arts and learning. This blog is dedicated to the work I will be doing for a class on the psychology of social media/Internet usage. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for material feel free to comment on this blog or contact me. Enjoy!


- Matt


Last Blog Post: Concluding Thoughts and The Content of My Pamphlet

This has been quite the journey from the beginning of the semester to production of my end product. On a personal note, I feel that the course You Are What You Tweet has really changed my perspective about the Internet. Before this course, I considered th...

Outlining My Findings

For this project, I explored the content of ten different self-identifying pro and anti-feminist websites. The majority of these websites were blogs that hosted articles and content pertaining to either the propagation or condemnation of feminism. Despite...

In Summation: What Has This Project Been?

As the end of this endeavor approaches, I would like to concisely try to explain exactly WHAT this project has been, to give context to this blog as a whole.


Originally, my goal was to create a guide on changing real-world behavior through online mea...

Response to the Panel

Overall I felt the panel was a wonderful debriefing about the world of Internet privacy, “dataveillance” and open-source culture. The speakers were incredibly clear and kept their input interesting and on point.


I think the first speaker ...

Another Effective Blog, The Purpose of this Project and How To Use These Findings

Once again, I’ve found another prime model to follow when trying to develop constructive dialogues in a blog space. Like Finally Feminism 101, the blog demonstrates a strong foundation for creating effective and engaged dialogue and the conversation...

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