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Throughout this project, I’ve had realized many things about cyber sexual harassment. The main concern I have however, is how comfortable our society has become with everyday sexual harassment. We have become so comfortable with certain degrees of ...

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My ethnographic approach to this project has not turned out significant results. After tweeting at these organizations I did not receive much feedback. I then tried private messaging these organizations via twitter, asking if I could set up an interview w...

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For this blog post, I’ve decided to examine an academic article on cyber sexual harassment. The article I’ve decided to review is Sexual Harassment on the Internet by Azy Barak published in 2005. He begins by understanding the various terms fo...

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On April 1st, I covered an article by the L.A. times about a women who sued after she was sexually assaulted by a man she met through their website. There was a discussion on my previous post on this subject about the legality of issuing backgro...

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The major theme I took away from the panel discussion was awareness. The first step in engaging in anti-surveillance activity is to understand the digital devices we use. So many of us don’t put much thought on how devices and platforms we use every...

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