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Terms And Conditions May Apply

I Liked to think that I was aware of who could see my activity on the internet. I monitored my privacy settings on Facebook and I had a basic add blocker. What more could a girl want? I also thought I had come to terms with the fact that nothing is truly private on the internet. I figured it was just an unfortunate fact of life that some things were going to be a bit public and I was mostly ok with that because, heck, the internet is just so convenient and fun. 

watching Terms And Conditions May Apply was an eighty minute reality check. Not in the sense that it really changed the way I will relate to the internet, but it was an eighty minute information deluge about how little privacy we actually have. Every keystroke is out there for anyone to find if they want to probe deeply enough. That is a chilling thought. 

While the message that Terms And Conditions May Apply shared, that there is absolutely no privacy anywhere, was a chilling one, and served as a little nudge for me to check my security settings a bit more closely, I don’t think it will really change the way the world uses the internet. Humans seem to be pretty willing to give up their privacy as long as its convenient and as long as it happens slowly. We seem to accept that “they” are watching pretty easily and with not very much struggle. The movie, rather than making me want to change my internet habits, caused me to wallow a bit in the idea that it is futile to fight back. what can I, one measly little person do against such odds?

All that being said I do think it is important for people to be aware of their lack of privacy so that they can decide for themselves what to put out there rather than blindly stumbling down the rabbit hole.


This has been Saibi's Jumbled thoughts on Terms And Conditions May Apply. 


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