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Rough Draft of Survey Questions

Hey all, to recap I will be creating a survey to use for my data collection.  This is the questions that I have thought to put into the survey.  I was wondering if anyone had any constructive criticism or any suggestions for good questions that would also fit with the theme of my survey.  I would greatly appreciate any input you guys can provide, thank you!  (Later on I will be sending out the survey to the class, so don't worry about answering at this point.)



Do you use social media to communicate with family, friends, or colleagues?


Roughly how many social media platforms are you an active participant in?







Which search engines do you use most often?




Other: ______


Which browser do you use most often?


Google Chrome


Internet Explorer

Other: ________


Do you use a computer or mobile device to access sensitive information such as your bank account?

Do you save your online passwords on your devices, or do you prefer to memorize them?

A few sentences about NSA (context) and their argument that it's for terrorism watch.


In the past three months how much news have you heard about the NSA?

Very little


A lot


How safe do you feel knowing the NSA monitors the internet and mobile devices?

Less safe


More safe


Do you feel that terrorist attacks are a major threat in the US?


Do you feel there should be legislation passed to protect individual’s privacy on the internet?

[Please explain]


Do you feel the US will ever resort to blocking access to a social media platform? (As is the cases for many countries when large protests arise.)

[Please explain]


Have you heard of Edward Snowden? (explain to them who he is)

[Yes/No - Please explain]


Do you feel Edward Snowden is an enemy of the State or a concerned whistle-blower?

[open ended]

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