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Thoughts on the Privacy Panel

I still wonder why there is an assumed consent from the side of the user when utilizing online tools or any sort of device in our technological age.  As we’ve talked about in Privacy vs Security this trend has been long standing in the communication world.  We’ve compared using the internet to sending a postcard in the mail.  When a user is on the computer many of the signals they send out to use the internet are called packets.  Each one is addressed for an intended server, the one the user wishes to visit, but any server these packets run through can read them, like the back of a post card.  

I really enjoyed the second speakers wording on the use of technology.  She said something along the lines of; When you buy a service such as the internet you aren’t paying for security.  I’m wondering why privacy wasn’t thought of as a given even from the beginning.  The intended purposes of the computer network was initially designed to share information with others across the country, but wouldn’t they think that there would be people they didn’t want seeing this information?  It was during the time of the Cold War, in my opinion encryption should have been a high priority.  


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