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I am a second year at Sarah Lawrence College named Kyle Nicholas.  This blog will be focusing on the topic of the NSA revelations brought to light by Edward Snowden last Summer.  I will be looking into how college undergraduates feel about this topic.  Over the course of this semester I will be looking into articles found through Twitter and other social media platforms.  I will be conducting a survey to analyze other’s views on the NSA and their use of the internet.  At the end of the semester I will be bringing together this research and opinions of the NSA issue and present my findings to the subjective question of; How do college undergraduates feel about this topic?

Survey - Data Collection

For the survey that I conducted for my research project I received 23 responses.


Question #1 - Do you use social media to connect with family, freinds, or colleagues?


  • About 95% of participants said that they use social media to keep in touch wit...
Should We Encrypt Everything Online?

     This question is on a lot of minds since the Heartbleed bug was discovered.  Though this bug was an unforeseen blow to the security the the internet, it was only a matter of time before an issue like this occurred.  Many majo...

Thoughts on the Privacy Panel

I still wonder why there is an assumed consent from the side of the user when utilizing online tools or any sort of device in our technological age.  As we’ve talked about in Privacy vs Security this trend has been long standing in the communic...

Terms & Conditions or Intimidating Body of Text?

    I feel that giving personal information on the internet is inevitable, but I feel that users should have the power to determine what information is shared about their identity.  The 21st century demands that we have an internet pre...

Rough Draft of Survey Questions

Hey all, to recap I will be creating a survey to use for my data collection.  This is the questions that I have thought to put into the survey.  I was wondering if anyone had any constructive criticism or any suggestions for good questions that ...

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