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Final Blog Post: Anxiety and Ethical Issues of Online Research

I began my project with the intent to study the similarities I had noted between online communities that, on the surface, seemed to be about radically different topics. Two of the sites, and, were sites that hosted communities ...

Things I Discovered About the Communities


As the semester draws to a close, it is time for me to take note of the findings I discovered while tracking the different sites. First, an overview of the general set up of each community:

Two of the sites I looked at ( and

Update on the xodus

Since the upheaval at xoJane many months ago, the commenting numbers have remained lower than they were previously. It wasn’t unusual for most articles to have between 100-300 comments. Now most articles (expect for some particularly “click-ba...

Panel Response

One issue that particularly struck me while I was at the panel was the issue of where the money comes from. Although we were introduced to a wide variety of technology that doesn’t collect our data for the selling, all of those projects relied on ei...

The Inevitability of Data Mining, and the Impossibility of Escaping Suspiscion


The film Terms and Conditions May Apply didn’t shock or horrify me as much as it probably should have. I came to terms with the fact that corporations are selling my data long ago, and it is honestly hard for me to see another way things could...


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