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Hi, my name is Andrés Govea, I'm nineteen-years-old, a first-year student at Sarah Lawrence College, and I constantly forget to... Oh, I forgot. 

Oh, also this is my blog.

This blog will focus on how the medium of social media alters comedy in the new age, in relations to the audience. 

Follow me on Twitter, @iANDRESGOVEA, I tweet 5 days a week, Monday through Friday (mostly). 

From writing blog post and gaining information my conference project really developed and changed over the course of the semester, but the main focus remained on humor on the internet. In the beginning I wanted to discuss the development and effects of hu...

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The value of content on a comedian's Twitter is crucial to his/her online persona especially to whom it is received too. So a comedian or anyone who wants many followers should understand the Twitter literacy behind a simple follow. In DIYthemes’ Ho...

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Audience participation online and in a traditional comedy settings, stand-up or improv, can be easily compared in a venn diagram- but no one has done it yet, so I guess it’s not so easy. But lucky for you, you have me and I am going to make you a ve...

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Comedic Twitter powerhouses, Rob Delaney and Megan Amram are initially known for their Twitter handles rather than their physical presence outside the online universe, has now garnered each comedian attention in the actual, real live world! At first glanc...

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Last night at the Surveillance Research and Action: Approaches to Information Freedom panel, Gregory Donovan, St. Peter’s University, his talk was the Participation, Proprietary Media, and Data Surveillance in the “Smart” City. Within hi...

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