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My name is Wade Wallerstein and I am a first-year student at Sarah Lawrence studying new media and journalism. I am the Online Editor for the Sarah Lawrence newspaper, The Phoenix, as well as a columnist and media intern at My Out and About Magazine. This blog is a space where I examine the concepts of microcelebrity and internet fame. You can check out my other work HERE and HERE.

CASE STUDY: Mwinga Part 2

Watch this Video of Mwinga lip syncing Foxy Cleopatra

As Mwinga explained, with fame comes recognition, and with recognition comes scrutiny. Microcelebrities receive a lot of attention, in both positive and negative ways. Sometimes for Mwinga, being online...

CASE STUDY: Mwinga Part 1
Lecture Series - Getting a Digital Life: Autobiography Online

As our daily lives become increasingly integrating with online culture and more and more interactions take place in digital space, so too does the self become integrated in digital space. Each time we create a social media profile, we are putting extensio...

CASE STUDY: Jennifer Wang Part 4

Photo from Wang's latest post, 'Off Duty,' found here

So, now that we know what Wang’s audience is, what her content looks like, and what professional and personal fame has come from blogging, ultimately, who is  “Jennifer Wang/Art in Our ...

BLOG ASSIGNMENT: Panel Discussion

In the panel discussion on Tuesday, Gregory Donovan presented on a term called dataveillance, which is basically the surveillance of personal data—online messaging, home address, credit card information, purchase history, browsing history, etc.&mdas...


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